This is a course that involves pre-bridal packages in preparing an individual into a bride. It involves: Hair styling, facial and make-up artistry, nail care, skin care, and outfits. Upon completion, the student will be able to prepare the client to become a well-presented bride.

All our bridal treatment plans start with a consultation with one of our medically trained staff, to discuss your skin concerns, and how you envisage it looking and feeling for your big day. From there, we will devise a treatment plan that suits your needs.

          COURSE CONTENT         
  1. Pin curls (Pony & Full head)
  2. Flat style (Pony & Full Head)
  3. French Rolls
  4. Spiral Curls
  5. Nail Extension
  6. Basic Facial
  7. Brow Arcing (Razor & Tweezing)
  8. Bridal Make up artistry (Adults & Teens)

Duration: 12 wks

Internship on the field: 250hrs

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